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Das Bild zeigt mich, Magnus Bolten, mit einem offenen Lachen. Ich stehe an einer Treppe mit einem Fuß auf der Stufe und dem anderen am Boden. Meine rechte Hand verstaue ich locker in der Hostentasche, meine linke Hand liegt auf meinem linken Bein auf. Ich trage eine Kette.
Foto: Swana Schuchmann


Bring your organisation, your team, or yourself forward by harnessing the potentials of diversity, by using inclusive language, and building an effective D&I strategy.
Communications Advisory, Diversity Training or Strategy Consultancy may get you there!

My professional and volunteer commitment for a more just and engaged society, in Europe and abroad, has taught me the benefits of diversity, inclusive communications, and long-term strategic outlooks. For a world you and I are eager to engage in.

We happily work together in the following languages: 

🇸🇪 Swedish: Mångfald & Inkludering

🇬🇧 English: Diversity & Inclusion

🇩🇪 German: Diversität & Inklusion

What are you curious about?

Communications Advisory

Learn how to make your texts and images more inclusive.

Diversity Training

Discover the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Inclusion Strategy

Take first steps towards your effective development.

Partners & References in Diversity & Inclusion

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