Diversity & Inclusion Training

As individuals, we are united in one thing. We all are different in comparison to each other. In Diversity & Inclusion Training, we learn about our differences. Also, we learn how to approach them in an inclusive manner. For example, we learn to understand the Likeability Bias or the problems of Culture Fit. We unlearn Unconscious Bias.

In short, what would you like to learn about in Diversity & Inclusion Training?

  • Raise D&I awareness?
  • Build D&I skills?
  • Strengthen team-building?

These are just a few ideas to bring D&I to your team or business organisation.

The Science behind D&I:

The Diversity Approach has been developed and accompanied scientifically over decades. Thus, dedicated D&I research offers us a profound guideline for your Diversity Training. Hence, your D&I Training will be science-backed as far as possible.

Following the science, your reasons for Diversity Training may be

  • to increase team effectiveness.
  • to stipulate market growth.
  • to attract new talent through Inclusion programmes.

My Diversity Training convictions:

In my Diversity Trainings, I follow two undebatable approaches: Empathy & Life-long learning.
Firstly, for me, Diversity & Inclusion skills go hand in hand with empathy. Empathy means to understand we all come from different backgrounds. We have different needs. Empathy is key to applying what you have learnt in your Diversity Training to the outside world.

Secondly, Diversity & Inclusion learning never ends. The Diversity Training may be your first entry onto that life-long learning train. Or you are joining somewhere along the way. In Diversity Training, we come together to learn together. We assist each other on this very important way to bringing Diversity & Inclusion to our businesses and teams.

Does that sound valuable to you? I’m looking forward to reading from you: kontakt@magnusbolten.de.
Are you at a different point on your journey? Would you like to know more about Inclusive Communications or D&I Strategy? Let me know! We’ll design a plan fitted to your needs.

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