Communications Advisory

Stereotypes and prejudices easily reproduce in the written and spoken word, and in images, too. Whether we like it or not. 
Inclusion Communications Advisory will provide you with the right tools to check your texts and adapt your images. To be inclusive towards your target audience.


Diversity & Inclusion in Communications

  • can range from addressing someone with the right pronouns
  • to issuing a press statement that uses empowering language
  • and sharing pictures that represent diversity.

In Inclusion Communications Training, we can stipulate long-term Diversity & Inclusion awareness, unlearn and relearn. To give you the tools to use inclusive language in the long-term.

Why is D&I Communications Advisory important?


 Linguistic and sociological research shows: language is power. Language can reproduce current power dynamics. Inclusive language can change current power dynamics. Conseuquently, Communications Advisory can help you uplift and empower underrepresented groups.

The Goal:

Through Inclusion Communications Advisory, we style your written texts. For example, speeches, statements, or essays, in an inclusive manner, to showcase your cause in anti-discriminatory language.

The Services:

Sensitivity Reading: proof-reading to avoid discrimination in public and internal documents.

Language Coaching: how to address diverse target groups and be inclusive.

Communications Training: review your role in a group and adapt your communications style to include everyone.

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