For an open society and people-centred interactions.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Diversity is within all of us. And around each and every one of us. Every day. Any time. That’s why I believe in the commitment for an open society and people-centred interactions. Inclusion. This is how we all can live the truest versions of ourselves.

My name’s Magnus. In 2013, I left my hometown at the North German coast. In 2019, I came to Gothenburg, Sweden. I settled here, in Göteborg, when I met my partner, completed my Swedish language education, and entered into a job quite different to my previous experiences. The journey to Göteborg, Sverige, took me to different places within and outside of Europe. I grew as a person and as a professional. All the while learning what I’m passionate about: advocating for a just and sustainable society.

After more than five years of intense volunteering for educational justice in Germany, and training of forthcoming civil society leaders, I began to train in Diversity & Inclusion.
In the work I’ve been doing, I’ve found a channel to continuously educate myself and share the empowering knowledge of Diversity & Inclusion for an open society and people-centred interactions.

My personal value compass derives from a workers family background.
On the way to becoming an academic, I had guidance from mentors in different industries. All of them have a strong dedication towards diversity, inclusion, and solidarity. My academic background in Political Science, with a focus on norm critique and international cooperation, is the basis for my work in Germany, Sweden, and abroad.

My certification as Diversity Trainer in 2022 forms the final stepping stone to delivering high quality Diversity Training, Inclusive Communications Advisory, and Inclusion Strategy Consultancy.

If you’d like to learn more about my professional journey or reach out for a first introduction, have a look at my Professional Profile, or send me an email:

Diversity Inclusion Das Bild zeigt mich, Magnus Bolten, mit einem leichten Grinsen. Ich stehe mit meinen Händen in den Hosentaschen und mit meiner linken Schulter nach vorne geneigt. Ich trage eine Kette.
Foto: Swana Schuchmann
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